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Anne St. Clair Wright

Anne St. Clair Wright


Anne St. Clair Wright, dedicated preservationist and landscape designer,  was a leading founder of  Historic Annapolis Incorporated in 1952 and led this private organization until 1987.

Explore this website to find out more about Anne St. Clair Wright, her work and the history of the architecture of Annapolis.

50th Anniversary of Landmark National Historic District

The 50th Anniversary was marked with a luncheon in the Brice House, a colonial home recently acquired by the State of Maryland and managed by Historic Annapolis, attended by the principals involved in the establishing and maintaining of the Historic District and by the local politicians, celebrating the city, the Historic District, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Naval Academy’s interrelationships.

Several Preservation Pioneers received awards for their work in the past, presented by Lisa Craig the City’s Historic District Coordinator, and Robert Clark, current president of Historic Annapolis Foundation. Each awardee received a compass in brass, engraved with ‘Preservation Pioneer 1965 -2015 A Landmark Celebration’ made by the local firm Weems and Plath. Pictured here is the compass given to Pickett Wright.

Preservation Pioneer 1965 - 2015

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